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Day 67: A Childhood Diet

Do not feed children on maudlin sentimentalism or dogmatic religion; give them nature\

Luther Burbank

Weight 273.2thicksandwich

My father died when I was ten leaving seven children including a set of two-year old triplets.  We were poor.

Looking back at my diet it was mostly starches and sugars.  We never had the money for fast food but we ate a lot of bread and potatoes.  Vegetables and fruit were spare.  My sister has a severe weight problem and eventually had stomach stapling that worked for her until her death a few years later from a brain tumor.  I was never a fat kid but the poor diet hit me hard when I became an adult.  Who knows, it may have been a contributing factor in my thyroid tumor.

I can see why I didn’t control my weight and why I ballooned up to 292 pounds.  Understanding is a lot of the battle.  Spring is almost here.


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