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Planning on using a couple apps for my iPhone/iPad to keep track of weight.  The first is Weightbot.  It is a slick looking app and the other is Fatwatch.  Both do the basic keeping track of the weight but they differ in how they parse the results. FatWatch uses mathematics to compute a moving average and your daily energy deficit/surplus. I like both and will be posting the graphs from both.

Another iPhone app I will use is Everyday.  It takes a picture of you every day and then creates a movie.  Assuming I actually lose the weight it will be an interesting way to show the progress.

For cycling I will use Cyclemeter.  The app uses GPS to map out where I’ve ridden.  It tells me distance, average speed, max speed, and elevation.  This allows me to post the actual rides that I’ve been on. It’s easy.  I just toss it into a ziploc and turn it on, stuff it into my back jersey pocket and ride.  When I’m don’t I stop it and examine my workout

The technology will help, I’m the only one that is holding back.  I need to get my ass in gear and HTFU (Harden the Fuck Up).

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