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Reboot: Transformation

Recently we watched a documentary of an Australian guy who went on a juice fast and lost and astonishing amount of weight and got in shape.  Of course he was rich and had all of the resources a person could have.  But in that same vein, I retired with enough money and time that I could do a similar thing.  Here is the trailer for the film, Sick Fat and Nearly Dead.

We bought a fantastic juicer.  It is a masticating juicer the Omega VRT350.

I tried it out and it works quietly and really extracts the juice.

So the idea is to do a juice fast and now about exercise.

Cycling is and needs to be the basis of that.  It is easy on the joints and with the MUP (Multi-User Path) from Kipton to Elyria and the Metro Parks I should be able to do this.  Plus I just got an iPhone 4s so I can use the GPS feature and keep track of the rides using Strava.

The key will be to make sure I do it EVERY DAY.

The plan is to start Monday and document everything.  Ideally I’d like to do P90X but I’ve never made it more than a few days.  I have to focus on the positive and do this.

My brother Terry died back in May at 47.  I don’t have time to waste.

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