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Third Time Will Be The Charm



I had my second colonoscopy in a month today.  There is a spot on my colon that the doctor keeps scraping away at and checking.  He doesn’t have it all out yet so I have to have another one in a month.  That will be three colonoscopies in two months!!

It needs to be done but that means another week off the bike in July.  Damn.

Plus he plans to send me to a geneticist.  We are pretty sure that I have Lynch Syndrome and the test will confirm it.  Plus I may have to have a colonoscopy more than once a year from now on.

I really can’t complain.  Hopefully once this is all gone I can really ramp up the cycling and work on my goal.  I want to ride to every village, town and city in Ohio.


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I’ve been living on nothing but gatorade and miralax for the past three days.  Tomorrow morning I have to be at the surgery center at six in the morning for my colonoscopy.  Tomorrow will be a wash but I hope to be back on the bike Friday or Saturday.  In the meantime I ordered a RoadID.

When my phone died on me Friday on my fifty mile ride to Norwalk I realized I didn’t have any identification on me and if something were to happen it wouldn’t be good.  I immediately ordered the Wrist ID Elite.  I put on my name, city and family members phone numbers. It came surprisingly fast and it looks great.  After a little trimming it fits perfectly.  One look and you can tell it is a quality made product.  I highly recommend it.


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Ohio Three Foot Law

Ohio 3 foot law and intersection bill

House Bill 145 cleared committee and could be voted on in the full house next week. This bill requires a minimum of three feet clearance when passing a bicyclist and allows any vehicle that does not trigger the sensors in intersections to proceed with caution, yielding to other vehicles.

At least one committee member that was originally against it (the law being too protective of cyclists, why are they on the road) voted in favor to get it to the full house.

Any Ohioans, feel free to let your state representative know your opinion.

Here is link to the bill:

For transparencies sake I copied the above from dpeters11 on bike forums

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Fixing a Flat

I was never a fan of Lance Armstrong. The stench of arrogance annoyed me more than the doping. Anyway, he put out a video recently of how to fix a flat. Not to be outdone Greg LeMond just put out his own video. I like the humor.

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I couldn’t get on the bike today because I had to play in my poker league’s championship game. I was the point leader going in and placed third winning $830. Not bad.

Unfortunately I can’t ride Monday through Thursday as I’m having another colonoscopy this Thursday. I have to drink a gallon of Gatorade and Miralax each day until Thursday. Other than that only clear liquids.


At least when I get back on the bike I will be lighter.

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Ride 9: Destination Norwalk (Complete with Pictures)

Took my iPhone 5s to the Apple Store today and they replaced it quickly and easily.  I got my pictures that I took back too. Back to the bike ride.


My Ford Ranger air bag light came on so I took it to the dealership to get repaired.  They said it would take a couple hours to get fixed.  A perfect opportunity for a bike ride.

I had never been to Norwalk and knew it to be a ways away so I dropped the car off and headed west.  I took Route 18 even though it is 55 mph with a lot of traffic.  The streets of Wellington are wide with big beautiful houses.  I love the town and admired the houses as I rode out of town.  It wasn’t long before I was out of town and each mile the field grew bigger with old farm houses farther apart.

The Open Road

Being raised by an agoraphobic I never realized how isolated I had been.  I’ve never gone west this way.  I love the open road.Brighton Sign

Finally I came to my first town, Brighton.  Brighton is just a crossroad with a church and gazebo.  Brighton has a population of 942.

Brighton Church

Church where I went for water

Brighton Crossroad 2

The Gazebo

Brighton Crossroad











Not a lot to see. I took a short break in Brighton and moved on.  There was a lot less traffic and the weather was terrific.  Miles passed quickly. Before I knew it I was in Clarksfield.

Clarksfield Sign


Clarksfield is another small town with no real town.  Just a couple old buildings and a church.  According to Wikipedia the township has a population of about 1500.  It looked like a nice place to live.







Clarksfield Community Hall

Community Hall


Clarksfield Business

Clarksfield Church

Really bad picture of a church in Clarksfield

A sign said that Norwalk was twelve miles farther and I probably should have turned around but it was such a nice day I had to do it.  I kicked it into high gear and moved on.  There was nothing here at all.  Just fields.

wide open spaces

Avengers Avengers door


I was getting low on water as I only (stupidly) brought one bottle).  I saw a motorcycle club up ahead and stopped in but no one was there.  From the lettering on the door they were obviously nice fellas.

I was out of water and getting tired.  Normally I ride twenty-five miles at a time and I had nearly done that.  I was getting closer to Norwalk.  I could tell.  Also I noticed large numbers of motorcyclists out and about.

At the outskirts of Norwalk I came up what I though was a house and then I realized it was a diner.  The only way I realized was the people in the parking lot.


The Star Diner

I went in and down a couple of waters and ordered eggs and toast.  This was a nice little place.  Probably fit twenty people at most.  There were a lot of bikers in there and after striking up a conversation I found out it was bike week in Norwalk.  That explained it.  I had a nice meal and refilled my water bottle.  That is when I realized my phone wasn’t working.  Both the GPS and the actual phone wasn’t working.

Diner Rules

Misspelled Courteous: Plus I had better be nice

I headed off into Norwalk.  I breezed through downtown with the big buildings and once through town I stopped on the steps of a church.  I planned to check out the map on my phone and see if I could take a different way back.  Out of nowhere a woman came over and asked if I was ok.  She saw me put the bike down and then sit down.  She was afraid I was having a heart attack.  She had one twenty years ago and wanted to make sure I wasn’t having one.  I was fine but took her bottle of water.  We talked and I found out she used to live in Avon Lake in the seventies and eighties.  She told me her old address and I realized that I used to deliver there when I worked at UPS.  It’s a small world.

I was beat and needed to head home.  I didn’t end up taking any pictures of Norwalk.  The only one I could find on Flickr that would allow to be copied was this one by David Wilson:

20040322 40 Norwalk, OH

East Townsend

At the church I realized that my phone wasn’t working properly.  I couldn’t pull up my map and the agaraphobic raised part of me got a little anxious.  I decided to just take 18 back home.  Off I went.  After a few miles I realized that I didn’t recognize any of it.  Then I saw the sign for East Townsend.  I didn’t go through it to get to Norwalk so I realized that I was on Route 20.  Route 20 runs about five miles north of Route 18 and each mile I rode on it I was getting farther away from Route 18.

East Townsend was little more than a fire station.  The township itself has a population of about 1500 people.  I headed south on the very next road that I came to.  At first there were a couple of McMansions but a couple miles farther down the road it was desolate.  I wasn’t even sure if I was on the right road to where I wanted to be.  I could feel a twinge of anxiety.  There was nothing and finally I could see Route 18 in the distance.

Once back on Route 18 I was tired.  I made through Clarksfield and took a long break at Brighton.  I had seen a water spigot at the church and stopped to find a lock on it.  Damn, I was out of water.  Oh well.

I was beat and a couple times cars had got behind me and laid on their horns and one truck waited until he got right behind me and laid on his air horn, then he passed me a little too closely.  I got his truck number and will call his company on Monday.

I finally made it back to Wellington.  I stopped at a convenience store and bought a well deserved root beer.  While drinking it a biker came up on a Harley.  After getting his drink he told me that he rides too and has a Cannondale.

I ended up riding 50.5 miles in 4 hours and 10 minutes.  It was a great day for a ride and a great ride.  It was a little more than I should have done, but I’m glad I did it.

wellington to norwalk

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Ride 9: Destination Norwalk

I had to take my car in for repairs in Wellington so I decided to bike for the two hours to repair it.  Norwalk is twenty-five miles away and a perfect day.  Why not. I ended up riding 50.5 miles, farthest yet.  Great day.

Unfortunately my phone died during the ride so I don’t have the pictures or info.  I’m getting my phone fixed today and tomorrow I will write about it.


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Ride 8: Destination Grafton

I couldn’t ride yesterday due to the crazy wind all day. I play chess in Grafton on Wednesdays so decided to combine both and take the bike. It was supposed to rain in the afternoon but it looked like I had plenty of time.

It was a perfect, if overcast day for a ride. Grafton lies along the east bank of the Black River so I saw a lot of wildlife and picturesque scenes.

The downtown seems dead now as most of the growth has been north in Elyria, (my hometown).  The population of the town hovered around 2300 in 2000 but then two prisons were built along Rt. 83 and the population jumped to over 6500.

I got to McDonald’s around 10:15 and played chess with my buddies until 1pm.  They are a couple of old farts and they enjoy the chess although they aren’t nearly as serious as I am.  Right now I’m teaching them The Scotch Gambit.


As soon as I left it started to rain.  I was shocked that the weatherman was wrong as to when the rain would start. Unfortunately the plan was to ride around town after chess and take some pictures. The rain put a damper on that.  I’ll have to take pictures in the future and add them.

I felt much better during this ride.  It shows as my average speed is increasing and I feel better each time I ride. This was an easy 20.9 mile ride.

There isn’t much to Grafton, the best part of the ride was seeing nature all around me.  At one point a deer walked across the road twenty feet ahead of me.

Now for the metrics:

Grafton Metrics

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Ride 7: Destination Huntington (aborted)

I had a plan. I set my alarm for 6:45am, get up and out the door by 7:15 and ride to Huntington.  I’d never been there before and I heard they have a civil war monument.



Grabbed my iPhone and it was 2% charged.  I looked at my charger and realized it was unplugged from the wall.  Ah ha.  Oh well.  I plugged it in and checked the weather.  A storm was coming in from the west but it was moving slowly.  Arrival time was approximately 10am so I had plenty of time.  Around 7:40 it was up to 35% so I grabbed my gear, took a rare (and after seeing the pic knew why) selfie and headed out.


The sky was dark to the west so I needed to keep an eye on it.  Once out of my development I saw a house that I’ve always loved but never got around to taking a picture.  Here it is.

Old House on Nickel Plate Diagonal Road

Old House on Nickel Plate Diagonal Road


The wind was pretty strong due to the wind but my legs were fresh and I figured when I came home it would be much easier.  After a couple miles I reached down and there was no water bottle.  Who needs water on a humid June day?  I persevered and headed south.  The wind kept getting worse but mornings are a great time to ride.  I got a little farther south than I normally go when I came upon a railroad track.  As I crossed it I could see a curtain of rain about one hundred yards ahead.  It was slowly coming my way so I turned around and immediately found I could easily cruise at 18-20 mph.  It’s amazing, a tailwind makes me feel like I’m twenty-five again.

I could feel a few drops now and then but I stayed just ahead of it.

I’m disappointed that I didn’t make it to Huntington but I will soon.  It was still a fun ride.

The metrics:

Huntington aborted metrics

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