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Coming Back to Blogging Soon

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Mango Mussolini

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Fitness and Technology

I got the Apple Watch six weeks ago and soon after Apple Airpods. I love them. The technology is incredible. It beats the hell of of my old Fitbit.

The step counter on the Apple Watch is fantastic. It’s nice to keep track as I attempt to do ten thousand steps a day.

One thing I’ve only started using seriously is Apple Watch Activity Rings.

As you can see the outside ring is how much you move. The green is exercise and the blue is how often you stand.

Along with the gym I try to close all of the rings every day. Here is today for example.

The watch reminds you during the day to stand up or get more exercise. The gentle reminder is helpful.

The airpods compliment the watch and relieves the boredom as I walk every day. Between Planet Fitness and technology I have no more excuses.

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Living in Austin

Coming to Austin was a big deal for me. Being raised by an agoraphobic and then living in a very small town for the past thirty years made coming here stressful.

I drove here right before Christmas when the weather in Ohio was pretty good. The drive was pretty easy if exhausting. I did it in two days and the hardest part was the drive once I entered Texas. It seemed like I drove forever as I headed to Austin.

My expectations of Texas are all based on cowboy movies of my youth. I’ve been told if you go north and west you’ll see cowboy movie landscapes. Austin is very green.

I’ve been here a little over a month and it took a couple weeks to get used to the heavy traffic and city life. I still can’t get used to seeing homeless people. We’ve been traveling around and seeing things and now that I’m used to it I’m enjoying the hell out of it. The temperatures have been in the fifties and sixties and this week will be in the seventies. This is a far cry from the polar vortex back home. I don’t miss it.

I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to do the things I did at home but I already found a chess club and a healthy poker community. I got second place in the first poker tournament I played in here.

We are looking for a duplex and we may have found one. Even if we do we have a long way to go to get our life in order to move here. The old houses have to be emptied, clean, painted and sold. I’m excited about the future.

This blog is about my health and getting in shape so I’ll be talking about that a great deal.

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Austin, Texas

In a few weeks I’ll be moving to Austin, Texas for four months.  My daughter lives there and it will be great to see her and to restart my fitness goals.

I’m on the wind trainer with my bicycle every day now and once I’m in Texas away from the Ohio winter I’ll have no excuse, and no distractions.

It will be interesting to be so far from home.  Being raised by an agoraphobic altered my perception of the world and at 62 it’s about time I challenge those perceptions.

Once in Texas I will be posting regularly once again.  I leave in a few weeks.

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Day 55: Motivation

In the morning I try to walk five miles.  Most days I do, sometimes I need to split it up, finishing at night.  At first the walks were at a relaxed pace.  Now I try to push my heart rate up and walk at a very brisk pace.  Last night I was walking at a nice clip when a woman who was walking joined me.  She seemed to be surprised that I was moving this bulky frame so fast.  She said she had a hard time staying motivated.  I told her when I feel like slowing down I put on some German Hip Hop or German Heavy Metal.  She said she normally listens to Luke Bryan (whoever that is).

We picked up the pace and as she faltered I gave her my wireless ear buds and gave her a taste.  I put on:

And then

I’m not familiar with Luke Bryan but don’t believe he is like either of these artists because after they were both done she said she was spent and was going  home.  I wished her well.  When she got a ways away I saw her look back in an odd way.  Perhaps they don’t listen to Rammstein in LaGrange too much.  Oh well.

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Day 54: Keto

I have a brilliant friend who I met at banjo camp a few years back who is a professional comic.  We are on this journey together to become healthier.  We have been having a discussion on The Ketogenic Diet and intermittent fasting.  I have been limiting my carbs for a while but he is quite serious about it.  He steered me to The Joe Rogan Experience podcast.  This one featured Dom D’Agostino.  He is incredibly bright and explains the benefits of a ketogenic diet.  I listened to it on a podcast.  You can go to the podcast or you can see the video of the podcast here.

I’ve found a great deal of information dealing with The Ketogenic Diet.  I’m skeptical but her are a few graphics on it.

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