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Day 007: Week 1 Summary

Nothing can add more power to your life than concentrating all your energies on a limited set of targets.
Nido Qubein

Weight 282.4  Calories ?


The first week I’ve lost ten pounds.  I’m sure much of it is water but I’ll take that.  If it is water that means it could come back just as fast so I have to be careful.  I’ve avoided the triggers and actually counted every calorie that I’ve eaten for a week.  It’s getting easier.

With this jump-start I still plan to lose 8 pounds a month.  Since I’ve dropped this I expect to lose six more by the end of January.  This is fantastic.  Now I plan to start hitting the gym.  Once the weather breaks I’ll be on the bicycle every day.  I have complete confidence that I will drop this weight.

So far I’ve been focusing on calories instead of quality and starting today I’m going to start working on eating better quality of foods.  Plus I’ll be going to the gym and starting exercise.  Probably the treadmill and a light round on the machines.

To the right is a pic of my screen from Weightbot.  It’s a great app for the iPhone.  I use that and Fatwatch to keep track of the weight.  Fatwatch has better graphing capabilities plus it uses

From Fatwatch’s website, “You cannot control your weight if you aren’t aware of how it is changing. Beyond recording the readings from your scale, FatWatch computes a moving average so that you can see the real trends behind the day-to-day shifts in your body weight.”


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