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Day 32: Hitting My Stride

If you wish to grow thinner, diminish your dinner.
H.S. Leigh

Weight 274.8

What I’m doing is working.  The biggest thing is no very little bread and no snacking.  It’s now February 1st and I”m thinking about my plans for the year.

I’ve talked about my interest into getting back to cycling big time.  I’m lucky that even though I’m overweight I’m still in pretty good shape.  Due to my job (from which I recently retired) I kept up a certain level of fitness.

I’ve had a very odd life as my father died when all the children (7 of us) were young and my mother was extremely agoraphobic.  That essentially means that she had severe panic attacks and couldn’t leave home.  Basically it meant that we didn’t travel more than a block or two from our house.  I’ve lead a very sheltered life.

With the bike, once I build up a base, I can ride to all of the small towns around Ohio.  I plan to combine that with my interest in photography.  I’d like to get up in the morning, cycle twenty-five miles or more to a small town.  Have a light breakfast, take some pictures and ride home. Who knows?  I might even take my banjo.

Eventually I’d love to cycle places like The Outer Hebrides in Scotland.  One of my other interests are megaliths.  In this video a couple of guys cycle around the islands playing banjo and making ice cream.

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