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Month 3 Summary

Without continual growth and progress, such words as improvement, achievement, and success have no meaning.
Benjamin Franklin

Weight 263.8

0C025D00-E738-4AAF-A1D6-48A2874F3752I am down 29 pounds!!!!  This is fantastic.  I have been weighing myself but ignoring it.  Remember my original goal was to lose 8.2 pounds a month.  I have surpassed that at 9.7 pounds a month.

The important thing is I’ve done all of this with diet alone. Sure I’ve worked out and walked some but not nearly enough.  Once I get on the bicycle and do daily riding things are going to make me like butter, I’ll be on a roll.

I can feel the difference too.  My clothes are fitting better and I have more energy.  I am very happy.

Now for the graphs.  The first will be the month and the other will be since January 1st.




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Day 59: Month 2 Summary

We did not change as we grew older; we just became more clearly ourselves
Lynn Hall

Weight 270.6


I am doing great!  I have lost 22.2 pounds over the past two months.  That is 11.1 pounds a month average and my original goal was 8 pounds a month.  Now I didn’t lose 8 pounds this month, only 6.4 pounds.  I blame that on being sick for over a week.  The weather will be turning soon and I will be on the bike.  Once that happens I can expect an extra couple of pounds a month.

I have other plans which I’ll be talking about.  My clothes are starting to feel a little loose and things are going the way I wanted.

Their are two graphs below.  The first is of February and the other is since January 1st.  It’s easy to see where I got sick.  I’ll do that from now on.  Post the current monthly graph and the yearly graph too.



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Day 42: Summary Week 6

When a man is sufficiently motivated, discipline will take care of itself.”
– Sir Alexander Paterson

Weight 274.0

This is the first week that I haven’t lost weight and actually gained a little.  It has essentially been a plateau week.  I’m not concerned.  This weight loss plan is long-term and the goal of the weekly summaries is to keep me on track.  I’m still three pounds down for the month and my monthly goal is eight pounds so I’m still on track.  I am not going to allow anything to defeat me.  I will stay motivated.


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Day 35: Summary Week 5

The biggest seller is cookbooks and the second is diet books – how not to eat what you’ve just learned how to cook.
Andy Rooney

Weight 273.6

Down 19.2 pounds in five weeks.  I’m very happy.

Motivation is still strong.  The snow is deep outside and I dream of Spring and cycling.  If I can do this well with restriction of calories imagine how much better it will be when I’m on the bike every day.



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Day 31: Month 1 Summary

Food has replaced sex in my life; now, I can’t even get into my own pants.0C025D00-E738-4AAF-A1D6-48A2874F3752
  ~Author Unknown

Weight: 277

I’ve beaten my goal for January.  I needed to lose 8 pounds and I’ve lost 15.8 pounds .  That doesn’t mean I can lose less next month.  The plan is 8 pounds EVERY month.  I’d like to be below 270 by the beginning of March.  That will make the cycling even easier.

Last night a friend of the family gave my wife some lemon poppy seed scones.  That was the kind of thing I’d inhale just a few short weeks ago.  Instead I drank some water and the desire went away.



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Day 28: Week 4 Summary

Life doesn’t happen to us, it happens from us.IMG_0566
Mike Wickett

Weight 280.6

This has been a tough week.  I’m calling it, The Week I Didn’t Quit.  Normally when things stagnate or gain a little bit I get frustrated and go eat.  This hasn’t happened yet.  I am heading down again.  There is a small blip on the weight graph.  That’s ok.

Along with the weekly summaries I’ll be doing monthly summaries.  Remember my goal is to lose 8 pounds a month.  I’m ahead of that now and expect it to accelerate when the weather warms and I can get on the bike.  It’s 39 F out right now with ice and snow on the ground and a light rain.  March can’t get here soon enough.


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Day 021: Week 3 Summary

Everyone is having a harder time than it appears.IMG_0562
Charles Grodin

Weight 277.8

It’s been three weeks and I’m officially down 15.2 pounds.  This is far better than I expected.

I still have minor variations of water weight daily that used to make me crazy and want to stop but this is working.

The plan is to lose a little over 8 pounds a month and I will easily lose two times that the first month so even if it slows down I will stay on track.

The weather has turned into a real winter with high winds and temps in the lower teens (Fahrenheit).  All I can do is hunker down.  Before this that meant making a lot of food and going into sloth mode.  Not now.  I am doing some light weight training.

I can’t wait until Spring.  I read cycling blogs and plan out my rides.  Things are going to get better and better.


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Day 014: Week 2 Summary

Dum loquimur invida aetas fugerit. (While we talk, hostile time flies away)

Weight 279.6  Calories ?IMG_0554

I broke 280!  This is a big deal.  Now I know I can do it.

This week I lost 2.8 pounds.  Last week I lost ten pounds.  What I’m doing is working.   I’m going to maintain what I’m doing and at the rate I’m going by the time it gets warm enough to bicycle I’ll be ready.

This is better than I expected.  I can’t wait until I break 270  I haven’t been below that in twenty years.


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