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For Christmas the wife got us DNA testing kits. I’ve been interested in the kits for a while but didn’t get one due to privacy concerns. I had good reason to be concerned as you can see HERE.

Day after Christmas we swabbed our cheeks and sent in our samples. A week later we were notified that they received the sample. As it progressed through their lab we were kept updated as to the status. I have to admit I found it to be a bit exciting.

I knew my mom’s side was German and Hungarian and my dad’s side had some British. I was curious if I’d be surprised. Finally the notification came:

That was interesting. I’d love to see where the Middle Eastern and Central Asian came in. Hmmm.

Plus it shows anyone who has taken the test and shares DNA. I found a first cousin once removed (my first cousin’s daughter). Two first cousins twice removed and a slew of 3rd-5th cousins. It’s an interesting exercise. I contacted a few that are on my dad’s side.

I’m still a bit concerned about the privacy issues but found the information interesting. I’m hoping that cousins will contact me in the future from this. You never know.

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