The Plan and Getting Ready

29 Dec

For months things have been happening that have kept me from my goals.  My brother’s colon cancer and death and then my mother finding she had lung cancer soon after.  The summer of incredible heat. Falling off the bike due to stupidity.  All have conspired to keep me from my goals but no more.  Things must change.

As of January 1st I will have been retired for 14 months.   My weight has been consistent, moving from 290 to 295.  This is insane.

.  This is the plan.

DIET:  Plan to juice.  Juicing will help give me vital nutrients.  I plan on documenting everything I put in my mouth.  I’ll be using MyFitnessPal to keep track of calories.

EXERCISE:  I joined a gym so I need to get there as often as possible.  Cycling will be a big part of this change so as soon as the weather breaks I will be on the bike as often as possible.

I have a lot of plans for my retired life.  Being morbidly obese is hampering them.  Things must change.

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