Day 26: Motivation Lost

26 Jan

Blow, blow, thou winter wind. Thou art no so unkind, as man’s ingratitude.
William Shakespeare

Weight 281.4

The past few days I have lost all motivation.  It is bitter cold outside and I’m tired. The big thing about this blog is I want to be absolutely honest.  My mother has lung cancer and after my brother died from colon cancer last year I have days when it gets to me.  The past few days haven’t been easy.  That said, I’m back and hitting it hard.

I found a good blog that also helps with motivation, 13 Weeks. I this blog Charlie Martin does a 13 week experiment in diet and exercise.  It’s a good read.

I lost my way a bit.  I found my way back.  It is sunny but cold outside.  Spring is weeks away.

Quote - Remember that guy

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