Day 34: Dieting Myths

03 Feb

They are sick that surfeit with too much, as they that starve with nothing.
William Shakespeare

Weight 273.2

As a rule I don’t eat breakfast.  Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day but four days a week I take my mom to doctors, chemo or to see her friends and that means getting up, quick shower and some coffee before I’m off.  This deep into my lifestyle change I find I don’t really get hungry until I drop her off at 1pm.  Then I come home, make a sensible lunch and drink lots of water.

I have friends who tell me that you have to eat breakfast in order to lose weight.  So far it hasn’t stopped me.  I found this article on the web about dieting myths.  Check it out.

Also, I take video of my mom and post it on YouTube.  She is a fantastic funny lady.  Check it out.

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