Day 51: A Little Better

20 Feb

Obesity is really widespread.
Joseph O. Kern II

Weight 276

I’m starting to feel a little better.  My head has cleared and I feel like I can actually get out of bed today and do a few things/

On a sadder note another of my retiree friends died this week.  I was too sick to go to his showing but I was there in spirit.  I’ve been retired for a year and a half after working 37 years at UPS.  I retired young at 55 but most stay longer.  Once they retire many die within five years.  The plan is to get myself as healthy as I can and milk that pension plan for forty years or more.  We’ll see.

It’s funny, here I am a retiree but I don’t feel old in the least. I still feel the way I’ve always felt.  The only thing affected is my eyesight.  I still have a full head of hair and it’s only partially gray.

I really hated my job.  The long hours, the constant harassment over production, the dogs, the weather and the customers.  I’m glad I’m out.

Right now it is 19 F outside with light snow and some wind.  Spring will be coming soon and free from work I can become the person I’ve always known myself to be.

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