Day 85: Golden Corral

25 Mar

Gluttony is not a secret vice.
Orson Welles

Last night my father-in-law wanted to go to Golden Corral to get their Prime Rib & Shrimp feast.  He’s a tough old coot and I try to be there to grease the wheels between he and his daughter.


If you haven’t been to Golden Corral let me tell you about it.  Normally for about eleven bucks you can go there and get all the food you want.  It is a fat person’s paradise.  My wife and I call it The Hungry Heifer.  Since it is all you can eat people gorge themselves reasoning that they should get their money’s worth.

I got there and the price was raised on the weekends to $12.99 because they had Prime Rib and Shrimp.  Afterclip_image001 seated I promised myself to be good.  I got some prime rib and assorted food.  The Prime Rib was tasteless.  I tossed most of it and had some teriyaki chicken and meat loaf.

Looking around it was amazing how many seriously fat people were there.  One woman looked like she weighed the same as my first car.  Others were well over 300 pounds with heaping plates of food.

Seeing these people actually made it easier for me to eat less.  I ate normally and didn’t get my money’s worth.  That’s okay.

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