Day 117: Pedaling to Lunch

27 Apr

Everything…affects everything
Jay Asher

Life is funny.  You make plans in a vacuum and then everything gets in the way.

I’ve been playing poker and I’m butter, on a roll.  I’ve won or cashed in four of the last five tournaments I’ve played in.  Last night I was in a tournament and while playing got a message that my niece’s ex-boyfriend, now her best friend committed suicide.  Depression is a horrible disease.  I stayed and cashed in the tournament, nothing I could have done.  Today is another matter.  I will spend time with her and hope to console.

I went to Century Cycles yesterday and picked up a book called Pedaling to Lunch by Stan Purdum.  It is a collection of rides around the area along with history of the places and where to eat lunch.  I will be doing many of the rides and will preface them with PTL Ride #7 or such.  It will be fun.

Pedalling to Lunch

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