Second Ride of the Season

11 Mar

There is supposed to be a big storm tonight so I wanted to get on the bike today.  I was busy most of the day but after the wife went to work at four, I gathered my stuff on got on.

It had been in the mid-fifties earlier in the day but had dropped down to 47°F by the time I got myself out the door.  There was a light wind and the sky was gray.  I had no plan, just the idea to ride ten or so miles.  My legs protested but felt pretty good after a few miles.

Barn 2

I love old barns.  I have to stop and take a picture.

Barn 1

When I got about five miles from home my sister called and I never ignore her phone calls.  I pulled over to answer, stopped the bike and forgot to remove one of my feet from the clip and fell over.  I got up, picked up the bike and answered the phone.  After a funny ten minute conversation about one of my many brothers I hopped back on the bike, gave a mighty downward thrust on the pedal and found that the chain had come off the ring and I fell again.  This time I put a few things out of whack, mostly the seat.  Luckily I had just had a maintenance course at the bike shop and more importantly I remembered a video I had seen on saddle adjustment.  I wonder why it stuck so well in my mind?

I made it home and overall I’m very happy.  It was a nice ride and I ended up going 16.3 miles.  Good things will happen this year.

Bike ride 03112014

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One response to “Second Ride of the Season

  1. Alan

    March 11, 2014 at 8:08 pm

    I remember the maintenance videos too for some reason! They were… educational.


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