The Plan

15 Mar

As I’ve touched on a bit, I was raised by an agoraphobic. My father died when I was ten, leaving behind seven children, three of which were two year old triplets.    Due to my mother’s agoraphobia we seldom went more than a block or so from the house. The local library was three miles from home so I never went. I didn’t even go onto a highway until I was sixteen 

I’ve had an odd life. I found chess at a very young age and my life expanded to sixty-four squares. Then I got a job at UPS and delivered a small town three miles wide by one mile deep.

The agoraphobia affected all of the children, some more than others. I’ve travelled some but want to do so much more. 

The plan is to start in the small town where I live, LaGrange Ohio and bicycle to surrounding towns. As I become more fit I will be able to go farther and farther.  Like spokes radiating from a hub I will reach out as far as I can.  Once the distance is considerable I will ride out, eat a meal, take some pictures and then ride home.  I will write about the town and whatever comes up.  It will be fun.  I only see good things. 

Here is my starting point, LaGrange. 

The town is built on a circle with a civil war monument in the center. On the statue are the names of locals who died in different battles of that war.


Plus there is a beautiful old firehouse


This will be my starting point. I’m curious how far I can go.

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