Ride 5: Destination Spencer

21 Apr

I’ve been unable to get on the bike due to weather and a few personal issues but that is all behind me now.  I got up and the temperature was 65°F with a light wind.  It was time to ride.  To get my legs back in shape I decided to go to a town just southwest of me, Spencer.  It’s a small town with a population of only 764.  At least it has a downtown.

I got on the bike and the legs complained a little.  There was a wind coming from the south and I started to mentally complain and then I remembered HTFU (Harden The F**k Up) and buckled down.  It doesn’t take many miles from my house to find open roads and barns (a couple of my favorite things). I was a little surprised by the amount of birds of all kinds that I saw and heard.

Delapidated Barn

Open Road

Once I turned west on Route 162 and out of the wind I was flying.  I was able to comfortably ride at twenty miles per hour.

Spencer itself is a small town with an intersection with a store, bank and auto shop. It’s not a lot to look at.  It will be more interesting when I go just a few more miles south into Amish country.

Spencer 1

Perspective 2

Spencer 3

Spencer google earth

There was construction to the west of town so I headed home going north.  There were a lot of large trucks on Route 301 so I got off as soon as I could and headed home.  It was a beautiful day for a ride.  21.5 miles is a good start for these aging legs.  Now for the stats.




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