Rain, Cold, Wind and Up the Wazoo

15 May

Up until the last week it has either rained, been extremely cold, been windy or some ungodly combination of the three.  Thursday and Friday was sunny, dry and perfect for cycling but I haven’t been on the bike.  Instead I’ve been prepping for a colonoscopy that I had today. It’s ironic that the few days the weather was nice I couldn’t ride and since the procedure it has rained every day or been so windy that I couldn’t walk let alone ride.

I haven’t been slacking off.  In the past few weeks I’ve placed first in three poker tournaments, second in another and first in my division at The Parma Open chess tournament.

Life is good.  Now back to the colonoscopy.

Whenever I have to get a colonoscopy I get very nervous and introspective.  So many of my family members have died from colon cancer.  My fortieth high school reunion is this summer.  One of my friends has been posting pictures of classmates who have died.  I’ve been to too many funerals.


The procedure went well and I will live.  That is a good thing.

I have to go to Bedford, PA on Saturday to help teach a banjo workshop.  Soon I’ll be back on the bike and back to the plan.




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