Sick Again

23 Oct

Two weeks ago I had my fifth colonoscopy in four months. The plan was, get it done and then get on with my life.  I got good news and won’t need another one until February.

After the procedure I felt oddly tired.  For nearly a week it didn’t go away.  Then last Tuesday night I went out to dinner with my wife and daughter out to eat at The Feve in Oberlin.  Great meal but I couldn’t keep my eyes open.  I came home and slept for fourteen hours.  I had a severe sore throat with running eyes, nose and severe coughs.  For the next five days it got better and worse.  Each day I slept twelve to sixteen hours.  It got so bad that I thought about going to Texas and getting Ebola, it might be a lesser disease.   Right now I’m calling what I have Coldbola,  It’s brutal. Right now I only have sporadic attacks of coughing.  My eyes are running but is is 80% better.

The weather has been nasty but I need to get on the bike.  The weather is supposed to get really nice by the weekend.  I’m hoping that I will be well enough to do some riding.  We’ll see.


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