Around Lake Erie

14 Nov

One of my favorite websites for cycling is Crazy Guy on a Bike.  It chronicles people’s adventures riding anywhere and everywhere on their bikes.  I follow a lot of the cyclists in relative real time as they cross the United States on the Northern Tier, Southern Tier or the Underground Railroad Route.  One of the rides I’d like to do before I turn sixty is to ride around Lake Erie.  I’ve talked to my wife about it and it makes her nervous.  Last time we spoke about it she said she was worried about Bears, Bobcats and Snakes.  Huh?  I explained to her that there are few bobcats, few bears and I’ve never heard of anyone being attacked by any of these.  I came to realize she was just afraid of me being alone on the road.

We live about twenty miles south of Lake Erie and for over thirty years I delivered packages for UPS on the south shore of Lake Erie.  It was a constant companion.

lake erie

I found out last week that The Silver Wheels Cycling Club is planning a supported ride around Lake Erie next August. It looks like between twenty and twenty-five riders would be going with three SAG wagons.  It sounds like a lot of fun.

I will have to get a passport and I just found out that if you have had a DUI you cannot go into Canada.  You have to fill out paperwork and pay a fee.  It has to be over five years old and you have to prove you’ve been rehabilitated.  Won’t affect me as I don’t drink much and have never had a DUI but it will affect some of the riders.

As details come into focus I will post them here.




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