Extreme Touring and Standing Stones

17 Nov

I’ve talked a bunch of times on my fascination with Standing Stones.

For example here are the Ballymeanoch Standing Stones in Kilmartin.  The photo was taken by Kellan.


On my bucket list would be a bicycle tour that would last months where I would cycle through England, Scotland and Ireland.  Spend a month in the Scottish Highlands and the Outer Hebrides scouting ancient megaliths.  I will do this someday.

In the meantime I found a couple on Crazy Guy on a Bike (Adam Dodge and Kate Hamilton) that are doing that and a great deal more.  They went on a tour from Japan that took them through China, Europe and and the UK.  I found their adventures to be truly incredible.  I originally started when they reached Scotland and loved the writing and photographs. I loved their description and pictures of The Outer Hebrides.  Plus they visited my beloved Callanish.  After you read the parts about Scotland go back and start at the beginning of their adventure.  You won’t be disappointed.

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