A New Season Begins

10 Mar

I’m back after a long hiatus.

This has been a brutal winter.  Up until a few days ago it has hovered at -7°F.  Yesterday was the first day in a long time that it was over 40ºF.  It will be over forty for the near future and the roads are now dry.  I can begin cycling today or tomorrow.  There is a lot of snow on ground but Spring is here.  Here is how my backyard looked yesterday.


Although I haven’t been cycling or writing I have been extremely busy.  I have a second house that has been empty for a number of years.  I finally found someone to help me get it in shape for a rental and we’ve been working like fools to get it ready. We’ve been putting in drywall, laying flooring and painting.  New counter-tops and cabinets, the works.  I should mention that the house was built in the 1860s.  It has been a brutal job and for the first time since I’ve retired I am feeling my age.  I told my buddy that this is rough as I’m nearly sixty (I’m 58).  He looked at me and said, “You are only sixty?”  I need better friends.  Here is what it looks like in the living room and dining room.

living room and dining

It’s getting done.  There is still some tile to be laid, some carpeting and miscellaneous stuff but we are almost there.  Once the carpeting is done my renter can move in.  Then in May or so I can work on the outside of the house and do some painting.  After this job that should be easy.

I will by cycling soon and this blog will become an active cycling blog again.  I will be back posting my trip to boulder and a few other things.  After this horrible winter I am excited to see Spring and all that it offers.


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