Got My Garmin

12 Mar

Just two days after ordering my Garmin 500 from Bike Nashbar it came via UPS and then the USPS.  I’m surprised it came so fast as it said that with free shipping it would take 7-10 days.  They used SurePost to save money.  SurePost ships via UPS and UPS delivers to the local post office who delivers it to the address.  Interesting partnership.  As a retired UPS guy it would have been nice for me to drop off my stuff at the post office.

I played around a bit to configure the data screens.  So far I’m impressed. It found the GPS signal in the house quite easily and seems easy to use.  Putting it on the bike is a snap as all it takes is putting the bands around the bar and hooking them to the bike mount.  Took less than a minute.

If all goes well this year I may get a Heart Rate Monitor and cadence sensor as the Garmin picks these up. Hopefully I will be able to get on the bike tomorrow for a quick ride.  I’ll be hanging drywall all day today.


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