First Ride of the Year

16 Mar

Took the bike out for the first ride of the year.  It was around 60ºF and a little breezy but beautiful.  No real goal of this ride but to get out there and ride.  Heading east I saw lots of wildlife and heard lots of birds.  I surprised a flock of wild turkeys at one point. Most of the ponds are still ice-covered and there are a few mounds of snow around but it will all be gone soon.  The fields are all brown with just a hint of light green in places.

The legs protested a bit on the few hills but I still rode a respectable 15.7 miles in an hour and eleven minutes.

The Garmin worked well but I think I’m going to change a couple of the data fields.  I don’t really need to know the grade or the temperature.  I think I’ll get rid of those and add maximum speed.

Been a good first day.

first ride of 2015

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