Nothing New

28 Mar

Yesterday it snowed all day with a lot of wind.  Mostly flurries but it eventually stuck.  Now there is a thin layer of it everywhere.  Temperatures hover in the low 30’s and I’m waiting for a consistent 45ºF or above before I get on the bike.

The refurbishing of my rental property is nearly done.  A few minor issues, carpet and tile, that is it.  Then I get a couple months off until I tackle the outside of the house.  That will be a lot easier as it is merely some repair and paint.

Since I’m not riding I’m spending my time with my hobbies, chess, guitar, banjo, poker and writing.

This isn’t bike related but one of my favorite websites is called Life’s Rich Pageant.  It has page after page of goofy pictures from the past.  The most addicting site I’ve ever seen.  Be warned.  Many of the pictures are for adults.  Check it out.  That is where I found the gif below.


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One response to “Nothing New

  1. Vannevar Bush

    April 14, 2015 at 12:04 am

    best use of a step-through frame ever.


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