You Make Plans and God Laughs

13 Apr

I had planned to get on the bike last week.  Monday came around and I had a couple guys come to my rental property to install tile.  I was told they would be there between eight and ten.  I got there at 7:45 figuring they would get there at 8:30 or so, get it done by one and I would be on the bike.  They showed up at 10:30.  I asked how long it would take and they said a few hours.  After three hours I asked how long and they said a couple hours.  Two hours later they said one hour.  They finished up at 5:30.  Just in time for me to go to my guitar lesson and then pick up my daughter.  No cycling.

The next day the carpet people came.  This time I was smart and brought my guitar.  At least I could practice some Blind Boy Fuller tunes like Untrue Blues or Rag Mama Rag.  They were there past 6pm.  All day the temperature dropped.

The next day I was at the house doing the small things that needed to be done before my renter moved in  Finally I was done.  Then it got cold and it rained.  And it rained.  The weekend was busy and all day today it has been cold with very high winds and rain.

But, the renters are in and I have nothing stopping me from riding.  I went to my quarterly doctor’s appointment today and on the way home spotted this mailbox in North Ridgeville.  I believe it to be an omen.

bike mailbox

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