A Random Ride

19 Apr

Was able to get on the bike again, two days in a row!

Right now I’m not worried about distance or pace.  Just trying to get some miles on my legs.  It was a beautiful warm if windy day.  I headed south and soon relaxed.  It wasn’t that far away that I saw these dilapidated barns.  I don’t know why but I love the look of barns.  The more beat up the better.

Old barns

My wife and daughter worry about me out there with all of the crazy drivers.  There is little reason to worry.  This is what most of my rides look like.

empty road

The farther out I go the less I see of cars and people, with the exception of Amish buggies.

empty intersection

As I ride I relax.  I notice the red-winged blackbirds, the vultures and the small things that I never notice in a car.

I didn’t go that far, only 16.5 miles but it was a great ride.  The way back was all headwind but even that is good after a long winter.




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