End of the Year Summary

18 Dec

This has been a horrible year for cycling.  That said my brother is cured of cancer and has a chance of staying that way.  The doctors say if he avoids drinking and smoking he was around around a 25% chance of cancer returning.  The bad news is that if it returns he probably won’t be able to beat it again.  It’s up to him now.

The New Year is approaching and I have a lot of plans.  I will be riding every chance that I get.  I want to explore and see everything.  I was looking at my Canon T3i yesterday and I realized how few pictures I took.  I took a large number with my iPhone but there was a time when I considered myself a serious photographer.  The best picture I took this year was when I was in Boulder, Colorado and took this at The Garden of the Gods.


Since I’ve retired my life has been expanding exponentially.  Being raised by an agoraphobic I’ve never traveled.

Since this is a cycling blog I don’t want to talk too much about my other pursuits, chess, guitar, genealogy, banjo and poker.

I’ve been walking every day and riding the trainer every night.  Instead of concrete goals this new year I want to get on the bike as much as possible and visit as many little towns as possible.  I’ll be sixty in August and I’d like to be as fit as possible.

I will be rejoining the Silver Wheels Bicycle Club and starting with the Lake Erie Wheelers.  Between the two I will have plenty of rides.  Plus I will be meeting like-minded people.

If you’ve been looking at this blog every once in a while and were disappointed, forgive me.  It will get a lot better.  I plan to attack the road this year.




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