A New Year and Plans

31 Dec

This has been a terrible year for cycling and a good and bad year for me.

My brother seems to have been cured of cancer (we will know for sure next month when he has a PET scan).  He has a car and a new life.

My daughter has moved a thousand miles from us and leaves a surprisingly large hole in our world.  Skype is nice but hardly a substitute.

My weight is up but that is temporary.  I have plans.

I’m going to get on the bike every opportunity that I can.  This will be a year of hours in the saddle.  The plan is to improve this blog by taking more pictures and telling more stories.  I’m going to add Veloviewer to my rides to give a better description.  For example here is a ride that I did this year when I rode to Chatham.

velo chatham

As I approach sixty (nine months away) I long to see old friends.  People I know have scattered to the four corners of the world.  I think it’s time for some trips.  Plus I’ve never been to Las Vegas and it is time.

Since my mother died two years ago I’ve had an odd sense of mortality.  For the first time in my life I can feel time running out.   I remember reading W. H. Auden, “Death is the distant sound of thunder at a picnic.”

I have many years left, it’s just that they are finite.  I want to use them to their fullest.  Cycling is a big part of my future.  Come with me and explore the small towns of Ohio and possibly the world.



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