Weight Loss and the Lies We Tell

03 Jan

I’ve been fat for a very long time.  When I was in my late twenties I gained eighty pounds in one year.  I was incredibly active doing heavy manual labor and taking karate.  I kept cutting my calories down but gaining a couple pounds a week no matter what.  I went to my doctor and all he could say was to limit my intake.

This went on until I found a lump in my neck and was diagnosed with a large thyroid tumor.  There is a long story that I may share someday but I had surgery and had it successfully removed.  It was benign and I was fine.  I take a thyroid substitute daily and have no real issues other than my eyes seem to dry out in the winter a great deal easier.  That is a minor complaint and if I take precautions it doesn’t cause any problems.

Over the years I used that excuse to explain my weight.  I have a thyroid problem and that is why I can’t lose weight.  Plus I used the bullshit that I carry it well.  I don’t.  Most people are incredibly nice to me and lie.  I hear, you look good, you don’t need to lose much.  Bullshit.

I’m at an age now where there is no more artifice.  I look in the mirror and see a retiree who has far more weight on himself than there should be.  There is only one reason I am overweight, and it’s not my poorly performing thyroid gland.  I eat too much and I don’t exercise enough.  Plus I love carbs.  I don’t care if it is pizza or saltine crackers.  I love it.

Over the past few weeks I’ve been moving away from carbs, trying to eliminate as many as possible.  The few carbs I get are from salads and vegetables.   I’m avoiding sugars with a passion.  I’m already seeing small results.

I’ve started drinking more water every day.  Trying to drink a gallon a day.  That seems to be making a real difference both in my appetite and my skin.

Exercise.  Now that is where the biggest change has occurred.  I bought a Fitbit Flex and use it every day.


I walk ten thousand steps daily.  I found that when it is bitter cold I don’t want to do it so I joined a gym not too far from here.  It’s not hard to drive the ten minutes and then walk for an hour.

Once the weather breaks in a few months I’ll be on the bike as often as I can.  But I will continue with the walking.

No more fooling myself.  I’m in it for the long haul.

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