Day 5: Kibbe and Tappan Square

23 Jun

My father-in-law died back in February and we’ve been emptying his house over the past few weeks.  It’s a lot of lifting and sorting.  It’s been emotional for my wife and I’ve done my best to be supportive.  It’s odd carrying boxes as I did that at UPS for thirty-seven years.  Haven’t done it in six years and I never did it when I was sixty.  Tiring.

As a reward my wife took me to Oberlin for a nice meal at Aladdin’s.  I had the Kibbe appetizer and the Beef Kafta Rolled.  It is delicious but bumped my all day calories to around 2000.  I’ve been keeping it around 1500-1600.


After the meal I needed to get some steps in so I walked around Tappan Square.  It was on the verge of rain but a nice walk.  I’ll be making some adjustments soon but right now things are going well.


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