Day 7: Options & Balance

23 Jul

I'm beginning to think it is time for a bit more balance in my life.

I played poker three days in a row. The amount of hours spent playing poker is not in line with the many goals that I want to achieve in my life. I haven't been ably to study guitar, chess or any of my other hobbies to my satisfaction.

My health allows me to do all these things so it has to become foremost in my thoughts. The plan is to play less poker, but make games I do play count. Music and writing is what I do for my mental health. The gym comes first.

I find myself making better choices health wise. I needed a break tonight as I was just tired. I found myself craving something. Before this I would have had some high calorie, high carbohydrate food like pizza or ice cream. Instead I had Noosa Yoghurt. It's damn tasty and a small container (4 oz) is only 150 calories

Better choices in how I spend my time along with how I eat will make a difference over time.

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