Day 9: Astride the Grave

25 Jul

My wife hates winter in Ohio.  So much so that when it is nice in summer she starts bemoaning the winter that is four months away.  We went out tonight to see the new Spiderman movie but stopped short because it was in 3D and the wife hates 3D.  As we left she started talking about winters in Ohio and how we are in our sixties and life is short.  At one point she said, “We are born astride the grave” to make her point.  It’s been forty years since I’ve read Waiting for Godot but Beckett always perks up the ears.  The entire quote is “They give birth astride of a grave, the light gleams an instant, then it’s night once more.”  Now that I”m in my sixties the meaning has changed. The wife wants to move to Austin, Texas to escape Ohio winters and be closer to our daughter.  Who can blame her?   I’m open to change.  What I’m doing with my health is change.  If we did make the change it would take a couple years to get it together.  We will see.

Slow steady progress is happening.  I’m losing weight slowly and consistently.  I’ve decided to try to reduce carbohydrates in an effort to speed it up a little more.  If I can cut five hundred calories a day from my diet, or burn more, I will lose another pound a week.

Today was the day of the week that I teach chess.  I’m looking into what activities to cut back on.  Part of the new me is to balance my life.  I have a lot of thinking to do.  That is the nice part about walking.  Lots of time to think.



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