Day 11: Prep for Calvin’s Training

26 Jul

Another busy day.  Upon waking I got my five mile walk in.  Did some home maintenance.  Drove thirty miles to have lunch with a couple poker buddies.  On the way back stopped at Guitar Center for some strings and assorted musical stuff.

Got home and grabbed my bike and put it on the stand.  Cleaned and waxed the bike.  Adjusted the derailleur and lubed the chain.  Checked brake pads and everything is in good shape.  Went inside and grabbed my electronics.  My Garmin needed charging and so did my Sony Actioncam.  Then I laid out my cycling clothes (bib shorts, jersey, socks, shoes, gloves and helmet.  Make it as easy as possible to get back on the bike.


From 2013: How the mighty have fallen

I’m losing a couple pounds a week which is fine.  I’m hoping that adding the cycling will give it a little push and help my overall fitness too.  I should have three months of good cycling weather before I take it indoors and get on the Cycleops Fluid Trainer 2.  If I’m going to do Calvin’s I need to be a lean machine.  That won’t happen if my time is spent behind a chessboard or a poker table.  I need to go beyond walking.



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