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Day 68: Comments

I’m reading a book, because I’m brainy. No, it is a book – if you don’t know, it is like a blog except bigger.
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Weight 272.8

I had a friend mention that he’s been to my weight loss/cycling blog a couple times.  He asked if it bothered me that very few comment and I don’t get so many hits.  I thought about that.

This site doesn’t get many hits and very few comments.  I’ve asked five friends to check in occasionally to keep me on track and only one does.  That’s okay.

I’m not doing this to get worldwide acclaim.  That is what my other blog with my writing is for.  This blog is to keep me accountable for my weight loss and fitness goals.  Once I reach those goals this will turn into a cycling blog.  If it garners an audience at all that will be nice.  If it doesn’t it will still be fun.  It’s a win win situation.


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