Day 021: Week 3 Summary

21 Jan

Everyone is having a harder time than it appears.IMG_0562
Charles Grodin

Weight 277.8

It’s been three weeks and I’m officially down 15.2 pounds.  This is far better than I expected.

I still have minor variations of water weight daily that used to make me crazy and want to stop but this is working.

The plan is to lose a little over 8 pounds a month and I will easily lose two times that the first month so even if it slows down I will stay on track.

The weather has turned into a real winter with high winds and temps in the lower teens (Fahrenheit).  All I can do is hunker down.  Before this that meant making a lot of food and going into sloth mode.  Not now.  I am doing some light weight training.

I can’t wait until Spring.  I read cycling blogs and plan out my rides.  Things are going to get better and better.


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