Ride 6: Destination Wellington

31 May

Finally was able to get on the bike.  It had been far too long.  I had planned on a very short ride but a couple miles in I felt great.  It was a perfect day for a ride with sunshine and temperatures in the seventies.

I decided to hit one of the closest towns, Wellington, Ohio.  Wellington is the biggest towns that I’ve ridden to with a population of 4,812.  Compared to most of the towns I’ve seen Wellington has a vital downtown.


As I rode into town as always I noticed the Big Cock.

Big Cock

Big Cock

What fantastic day for a ride.  I headed into downtown and as Wellington sits on the crossroads of Rt. 58 and Rt. 18 I pulled into the small park and took some pictures.

Downtown 1

Downtown 4

Downtown 3

Downtown pan

Plus Town Hall which houses the government and police is beautiful.

Wellington Town Hall

Wellington Town Hall



The famous painting The Spirit of ’76 was painted by Wellington resident Archibald Willard.  The fife player in the painting is an ancestor of my best friend.  There is a plaque in the middle of town commemorating him.



I sat on a bench for a long time just enjoying the beautiful old town.  Lots of sunshine with a light breeze. This is why I ride a bike.  The bench was right in front of the Wellington Public Library.

Wellington Public Library

Wellington Public Library


I looked around and was surprised that there wasn’t a Civil War monument like most towns I’d been to had.  Then I remembered my history about The Oberlin – Wellington Rescue of 1858.  From Wikipedia:

The Oberlin–Wellington Rescue of 1858 in Lorain County, Ohio was a key event and cause celèbre in the history of the abolitionist movement in the United States shortly before the American Civil War. John Price, an escaped slave, was arrested in Oberlin, Ohio under the Fugitive Slave Law, and taken to Wellington by the US Marshal. Rescuers took him by force from the marshals and back to Oberlin, then to freedom in Canada.

That’s what I love about this project.  I see places that I’ve never seen before and when I go to someplace that I have I learn about it.

It was time to head back.  The last few miles my legs were a little heavy and the wind was picking up.  I’m back and loving it.

Forgot to mention.  Just as I was headed out of town I saw a soaring club with gliders.  I took flying lessons for a short time when I was young.  Who knows, I may find a new hobby.

Soaring Club

Soaring Club


Google Earth

Google Earth

As always, the metrics.

Wellington Metrics

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