Ride 7: Destination Huntington (aborted)

02 Jun

I had a plan. I set my alarm for 6:45am, get up and out the door by 7:15 and ride to Huntington.  I’d never been there before and I heard they have a civil war monument.



Grabbed my iPhone and it was 2% charged.  I looked at my charger and realized it was unplugged from the wall.  Ah ha.  Oh well.  I plugged it in and checked the weather.  A storm was coming in from the west but it was moving slowly.  Arrival time was approximately 10am so I had plenty of time.  Around 7:40 it was up to 35% so I grabbed my gear, took a rare (and after seeing the pic knew why) selfie and headed out.


The sky was dark to the west so I needed to keep an eye on it.  Once out of my development I saw a house that I’ve always loved but never got around to taking a picture.  Here it is.

Old House on Nickel Plate Diagonal Road

Old House on Nickel Plate Diagonal Road


The wind was pretty strong due to the wind but my legs were fresh and I figured when I came home it would be much easier.  After a couple miles I reached down and there was no water bottle.  Who needs water on a humid June day?  I persevered and headed south.  The wind kept getting worse but mornings are a great time to ride.  I got a little farther south than I normally go when I came upon a railroad track.  As I crossed it I could see a curtain of rain about one hundred yards ahead.  It was slowly coming my way so I turned around and immediately found I could easily cruise at 18-20 mph.  It’s amazing, a tailwind makes me feel like I’m twenty-five again.

I could feel a few drops now and then but I stayed just ahead of it.

I’m disappointed that I didn’t make it to Huntington but I will soon.  It was still a fun ride.

The metrics:

Huntington aborted metrics

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