Ride 8: Destination Grafton

04 Jun

I couldn’t ride yesterday due to the crazy wind all day. I play chess in Grafton on Wednesdays so decided to combine both and take the bike. It was supposed to rain in the afternoon but it looked like I had plenty of time.

It was a perfect, if overcast day for a ride. Grafton lies along the east bank of the Black River so I saw a lot of wildlife and picturesque scenes.

The downtown seems dead now as most of the growth has been north in Elyria, (my hometown).  The population of the town hovered around 2300 in 2000 but then two prisons were built along Rt. 83 and the population jumped to over 6500.

I got to McDonald’s around 10:15 and played chess with my buddies until 1pm.  They are a couple of old farts and they enjoy the chess although they aren’t nearly as serious as I am.  Right now I’m teaching them The Scotch Gambit.


As soon as I left it started to rain.  I was shocked that the weatherman was wrong as to when the rain would start. Unfortunately the plan was to ride around town after chess and take some pictures. The rain put a damper on that.  I’ll have to take pictures in the future and add them.

I felt much better during this ride.  It shows as my average speed is increasing and I feel better each time I ride. This was an easy 20.9 mile ride.

There isn’t much to Grafton, the best part of the ride was seeing nature all around me.  At one point a deer walked across the road twenty feet ahead of me.

Now for the metrics:

Grafton Metrics

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