Short Ride to Elyria

01 Sep

I got up this morning and knew I had to get on the bike.  It’s September and I no longer have any excuses.  I’m still getting back into shape so I decided to do a short ride into Elyria, where I was born, and visit my sister.  I got ready and made sure I had both my water bottles and had a small breakfast an hour before (not making the same mistakes from last ride) and was out the door.  As soon as I hit the porch I realized how hot, humid and windy it was.  A part of my wanted to go back into the air conditioning and practice my guitar.  After a few seconds I decided it was important to Harden The F**k Up (H.T.F.U) and get on the bike.

It was very windy and I was able to cruise easily at 20 mph or more.  I drank a lot of water and enjoyed the ride.  People passed and nearly everyone gave me a lot of room.  I got to my sister’s house in record time and had an iced tea and a slice of low-carb pizza.

I owe my sister a great deal.  When my brother and then my mother were dying she helped shoulder much of the responsibility.  I had the time to run people to the doctor or chemo but she did much of the heavy lifting.

After a nice visit I headed back and found the wind that helped me was now in my face.  It was brutal.  I just put my head down and kept pedaling.  I am getting more fit and could feel the difference.  Into the wind I rode between 10 and 12 mph.  That was ok and about four miles from home I took a five-minute break to drink more water and rest.  I got back on the bike and within 100 yards a tan dog appeared and was running alongside my rear wheel.  It wasn’t chasing or any problem, just running beside me.  After a half mile it ran into a yard, then appeared again at my wheel for another half mile.  I didn’t know what to do.  I stopped and tried to shoo it away but I couldn’t get it to leave.  After another half mile I hit a patch of trees blocking the wind and sprinted.  It wasn’t much of a sprint getting up to 16 mph but it was enough.  The dog stopped and a little ways down the road I looked back and it was just standing there looking at me.  Then it turned around and ran back.

The ride was 26.6 miles and was very enjoyable.  I really want to ride every day in September.  It will get easier when the humidity passes and when I drop some more pounds.  The metrics:

Elyria Ride

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