Walking is for the birds

07 Jan

When I first started walking I was bored and listened to audiobooks either from the library or from LibraVox recordings.  It was nice to read Sherlock Holmes or to reread Vonnegut.  But then I tried something radical.  I just walked.  I didn’t read or listen to music.

After a couple walks I started noticing a lot more and walking stopped being a chore.  I took my time and saw, heard and listened.  I walked out past my development and at this slower pace I saw even more than when I cycled.

I began to notice nature more.  Before just noticed the roadkill but now I saw all kinds of animals and birds.  I know absolutely nothing about birds but found there was a lot of diversity.  I ordered a monocular and it changed everything.

The Roxant Grip Scope is a high quality monocular.  It’s small enough to carry easily and easy to use.  For the money I can’t imagine a better value.  The focus ring gives just enough resistance.  Whatever I focus on is crisp.

I see a bird that I don’t know and I can quickly focus in.  I’m beginning to see all of the fuss that my birding friends have been talking about.


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