I Rode the Chili Wiener Bike Ride 2016

06 Mar

Yesterday was the Chili Wiener Ride.

I got up to a bad weather forecast.  It said the roads were icy and it was cold.  Then I checked my email and there was one from Long Distance Cycling Cleveland group.  These guy ride all of the time in all kinds of weather.  They posted this, “The roads are not safe today. Let’s try it again tomorrow.” 

I put the chili and bike in the car and got dressed.  With my tights and insulated jersey the cold shouldn’t be a problem.  Icy roads were a concern but it didn’t look bad.  I would decide when I got there.

I dropped off my chili about a half-hour before the ride was to begin.  Not many people were there.  Most seemed to be put off by the weather reports.  I was sure I was going to ride as the roads didn’t look too bad and I was itching to try my new Sony AS200 ActionCam.

We had only four show to ride and one had a flat tire.  I gave her my extra tube but it was presta and her bike was setup for schrader so we had to wait as it was patched.

We got on the road and it was cold.  Luckily I had some nice insulated cycling gloves.  They made all the difference.  We decided to take a shorter route and stay on the MUP (Multi-User Path).  We went to Kipton and back.  Easy first ride with no one going too fast.  Too cold and too early in the season for that.  When we got to Kipton I found that they extended the path.  Unfortunately it is gravel.  I’m hoping they pave it before too long.

I got a new Sony Actioncam and took video of the ride.  Here it is:

After the ride we had an assortment of chili’s and hot dogs.  Everyone settled in and games popped out.  Of course I pulled out my chess set and won a few games.  All and all it was a very nice way to spend a good part of a Saturday.

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