Short Ride Around LaGrange

14 Apr

Weather is finally turning nice.  The plan was to get on the bike around one but after a bunch of phone calls it was closer to 2:30.  Got all ready and found the back tire flat.  Took the back wheel off and found a small hole in the tire.  Replaced the tube and realized that I hadn’t replaced a back wheel in years.  Within minutes my hands were covered in grease, my chain was in knots and my derailleur didn’t look right.  Scary.  I came in, washed my hands and looked at a couple YouTube videos to make sure I did it right.  I felt incredibly stupid but what can you do?  Here are the videos I used.

Once on the road it was cool and windy.  I just wanted an easy ride so I headed east.  The plan was to ride ten to fifteen miles.  It’s going to get nice from now on so just wanted to get some miles on. Rode through the country and ended up going through Penfield.

I saw a few hawk, large number of vultures and one fat groundhog.  Everywhere around me people were getting going, mowing lawns and outside work.  It felt like Spring. I took a video but nothing interesting.  I’ll post the good ones, I promise.

It will be sunshine and warmer temperatures for the next few days.  I’ll be on the bike.  It’s been far too long.

Recent Ride




















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