Ride to Wellington

16 Apr

Yesterday was a beautiful day.  Warm with a very light wind.  I decided to ride west this time and head out to Wellington, Oh.  It’s only about six miles away so it would be an easy ride.  Just enough to start to get the legs in shape.

Got on the road and an annoying sound was coming from the bike.  Checked the front brake and it was fine.  Finally it became so annoying that I pulled over and found that the rear brake was rubbing.  Although I am a certified Fred I carry a tool kit and thanks to the bike maintenance class I took at the Swerve Bike Shop I was able to adjust my brakes and solve the problem.  I was very pleased with myself as I am not known as being a handy guy.

The ride took my past farms and woodland.  Wellington is an old town with big houses.  In the late 1800’s it was the cheese capital of the world.

I took a video, just to show what it is like to ride around where I live.  I screwed up and didn’t pause it so it shows my avg speed as being much slower.  No big deal.  Also, I’ve found that having the software overlay the GPS info onto the video is very time consuming.  It took four hours to do the overlay.  That is why I am posting this the next day.  Like I said, I am learning.

This is going to be a great season.  Everything is coming together.  Over the past year I’ve talked about my brother having cancer and all the time I’ve spent getting him treatment.  It paid off.  He had a PET scan last week and he is free of cancer.   He is once lucky guy.  When we started his cancer treatment he was given only a 20% chance of this.  Wow.

friday ride

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