Ride to Oberlin/Kipton May 25, 2016

27 May

I’m such a dumbass.  The weather is finally turning nice so I want to get on the bike as often as possible.

I was beat from the Ride of Silence so I took a day off.  The next day I got up and it was perfect out.  It was going to be in the eighties so I wanted to get out before it got too hot.  I pulled the bike out and realize the Garmin battery was low.  I put it on charge.  Grabbed my Sony ActionCam, realized the batteries were low.  Grabbed my phone, at 4%.  Damn.  It would take an hour to get things going.

Didn’t leave until 10:30.

I headed to Oberlin and due to a train crossing closure had to take the long way around.  There was a strong headwind coming from the west and it was sapping my strength but I’m not letting anythings stop me.

Halfway to Oberlin I saw a group from Silver Wheels Cycling Club going the other way.  I caught it on video at the 1:45 mark.

Got to Oberlin feeling pretty good although it was getting warm. I took a short break.


I hadn’t known but there is a water station there.  I drink my fill and refilled my water bottle.


Feeling pretty good I headed to Kipton.  The ride there wasn’t bad.

Got back to Oberlin and headed home.  The heat was kicking in and the wind had shifted from the south now.  At around 25 miles I bonked.  I only had one water bottle and it was empty and I realized I had made a lot of mistakes.  I sat under a tree and regrouped.

The last four miles were tough.  I pushed through going 8-10 mph and got home spent.  I drank a gallon of water and vowed to stop being stupid.

What I did wrong:

  • Didn’t lay my stuff out the night before
  • Didn’t have my electronics charged
  • Didn’t eat anything before I left
  • Only took one water bottle
  • Went father than I should have with the miles that I have in

Live and learn.




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