Back on the Scale

08 Feb

On Saturday the poker league that I belong started a weight loss bet.  A dozen of us ponied up fifty dollars each to see who would lose the highest percentage of their weight by the final game of the season, June 10th, 2017.  With my father-in-law gone and my brother’s health under control and returning I decided to take it seriously.  The goal of health is important and the six hundred dollars is a nice incentive.

Starting the next day I immediately logged into MyFitnessPal and began logging anything and everything that I put in my mouth.  Plus I charged my Fitbit Alta and walked 10,000 steps.  I’m going to amp up my exercise while dialing down my eating and take it down.

Spring is right around the corner and the bicycle is waiting.  I bought a bicycle jersey from The Silver Wheels Cycling Club from The Dog Days Wine Tour a size smaller than I wear.  Looking forward to fitting into it.

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