In Chaos There is Opportunity

29 Jun

What  a day!

The air conditioner in my wife’s car died so I made an appointment to take it in.  The wife forgot about it so this morning at 7am I took it in.  It’s four miles from my house so I saw an opportunity for early morning steps, before the humidity kicked in.

On the way I saw a new sign outside our development for the Self Store-It.  I was impressed that they misspelled the name of the street it was on.

IMG_1666 (2) We were to have a carpet guy, landscaper and handyman come to the house later in the day.  They all got there early just as the wife was getting up.  Here’s where the fun begins.  The wife comes over and gets involved with them, telling them what she wants.  Suddenly she realized she had a hair appointment and she was late.  She takes my truck and heads off.  As soon as she’s gone I realize that the key to the house is on the truck key ring.

I had the handyman take me into town for the key off the wife’s key ring at the repair shop.  We got back and as we pulled in the wife called.  In her rush she had forgotten her purse and the car was on E.   Meanwhile the neighbor who I’ve only waved to came over and started telling me about his melanoma.

I showed the handyman what I wanted and the landscaper what I needed.  Got back in touch with the wife and told her to dig around and she should be able to find $3.18 in change.  I headed home, eager for a respite.

Grabbed my good old Martin guitar and strummed a D chord.  The e string broke, whipped around and missed my eye by a quarter of a millimeter.  Luckily I was wearing glasses.  I changed the strings and played a few songs.  Feeling better I thought I’d write on my blog.

I hit the keys on the keyboard and nothing happened.  I checked the wire and it had chew marks where the cat had been munching like a feline termite.  Damn.  Ruined.

Schnooki resized

The wire eating culprit

In  the past I’ve allowed the chaos to derail my efforts at a healthier life.  I can no longer do that.  Push through it, then past it.  No more excuses, no more reasons.


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