Day 10: Trash & Hound Dog Hop

28 Jun

I didn’t post or do a video yesterday.  I was too beat.

My father-in-law’s house needed to be emptied and we were running out of time.  The basement was a beast as the stairs were killing me.  My knees were letting me know that I was now sixty so we decided to hire a couple guys in their  twenties.  The one had a large tattoo.  I asked him about it and he said, “I was in high school and smoking a lot of weed.”  I cut him off and told him that I understood.  After all I graduated in the 1970’s.

The amount at the house was overwhelming but the real problem is we had no place to put it.  My garage had been ignored for years and was a dumping ground for all my hobbies.  The plan of action was I would clean my garage as they emptied the house.

As I was cleaning I found a really interesting moth.


Thanks to they young guys hard work we got it done.  I went to bed at 10pm dead to the world.  At least at UPS I used to get coffee breaks.

This morning we decided to take a pickup full load of trash out to my brother-in-law’s house in New London.  That is a trek but we decided we wanted an adventure.  We dumped it off and headed through small towns like Ruggles, Greenwich, Nova and New Haven.  We were hungry so stopped in Plymouth at Hound Dog Hop.  It was a hot dog and burger joint so I ate sparingly and with mindfulness.  It was a pleasant place to be on a nice summer day.


This is going the way it’s supposed to go and so far no real problems.




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