Day 2

18 Jul

Yesterday was a great day.  I got up very early and walked over five miles.  At the end of the day I had over seven miles.  I kept my calories down and everything is going well.

Today has been a bit crazy due to my father-in-law’s house going up for sale.  So many little things to take care of.  In the past I would have been so busy that I would have abandoned my plan, come home and ordered a large pizza.  Back then I was on the Whole Foods diet.  A whole pizza, whole chicken, etc.  That was my old life.

Got a new app for the iPhone.  I’ve been using Fatwatch and like it because it uses a moving average for the graphs but it isn’t being updated so I switched over to Monitor Your Weight .  It does everything that Fatwatch did and a lot more.  Here is a screenshot.


Notice it says Obese Class III?  Ouch!!!  Good thing I’m doing something about this before something serious happens.  I have been deceiving myself for too long.  I can walk five miles at a brisk pace non-stop, it fooled me.  No more.

I started doing Tai Chi for flexibility.  I studied Tang Soo Do when I was in my twenties but at this age I want a more internal style.   I found The Great Courses lesson on it and I’ll be doing that daily.

I plan to start doing light weight training soon but want to be smart.  The last thing I want to do is injure myself.  I’ll do the research and start slowly.  I have all the equiptment, all I need now is the knowledge.

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